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Wtaerville man arrested after odd behavior at a Mankato convenience store

A Waterville man is jailed after an odd encounter at a Mankato business late last week.

A convenience store clerk told investigators that 19-year-old Dominik Strang walked behind the counter and took a personal cell phone from the cashier’s hands, saying he, “Wanted in on it too,” and, “Everybody is in on it.”

He didn’t define exactly what “it” was, but Blue Earth County Sheriff’s officials say Strang neglected to hang up the phone and he could be heard breathing and apparently talking to himself after he ran from the store.

Officers soon found him just north of town, lying in a field about 50 feet from the road. He was handcuffed without incident and the criminal complaint shows Strang told police that he needed medical attention but refused to say why.

A vape pen that field tested positive for pot was found in his pocket and officers say he continued to yell things that didn’t make sense. He’s also accused of resisting police when they tried to put him in the back of a squad car.

While being taken to jail, deputies say Strang also accused them of, “Being in on it.” Again, he didn’t say what “it” was.

Court documents show Strang was also recently charged with making violent threats in LeSueur County.