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Minnesota 2019 Legislative Session underway in St. Paul

Lawmakers are in St. Paul Tuesday for the first day of the new legislative session.

Speaker of the House, Kurt Daudt.

“We want to make sure that we’re closing the achievement gap, we want to reduce the cost of healthcare, we want to put more money into roads and bridges, and we want to make sure that some of the Minnesotans get to keep some of that money that they’ve accumulated through our budget surplus, through some tax relief,” said House minority leader Kurt Daudt.

On the other side of the aisle, incoming House Speaker Melissa Hortman said Democrats will be focusing on, “Education, healthcare, economic prosperity, gun violence prevention and changing the standard on sexual assault.”

How lawmakers are able to reach agreements on key issues this session remains to be seen as Minnesota has a divided legislature with Republicans controlling the Senate and Dems controlling the House.

Minnesota is the only state in the nation that currently has a divided legislature.