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Klobuchar says America is the loser amid government shutdown; hunger expert says Minnesotans could lose food assistance

President Trump plans to address the nation tonight to talk about the ongoing government shutdown.

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minneapolis).

Minnesota Democratic U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar admits there will be political winners and losers as a result of the shutdown, added, “The real loser right now is America, because it is all about workers and people that are trying to simply get by, and are doing their jobs every day in the front lines. Some of them doing dangerous security jobs and then there’s also the American people who should really expect more.”

She also said a resolution is long overdue and she blames the president for the delay because, “We passed in the Senate, bipartisan, 100% — Ted Cruz supported it — a measure that would’ve gotten us through this and he chose not to sign that, and he chose in fact to reject it. It didn’t pass the House, now we’re back at square one.”

The president, however, has blamed Democrats for the shutdown. Trump plans a visit to the southern border on Thursday. He’s calling the current border situation a “national security crisis.”

Meanwhile. if the shutdown isn’t resolved before February, hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans could have their SNAP food assistance disrupted.

Colleen Moriarty with Hunger Solutions Minnesota said this comes at a time when food shelf use across the state remains at record levels and, “The pressure on the food shelves has been enormous. I can’t even…they themselves have said along with the food banks that there is no way they could meet the increased need that would be called for.”

Moriarty added if SNAP benefits are cut or reduced they may have to, “Ask for emergency funding from the state, we’d have to look at perhaps rationing from the food shelves to be able to you know…kind of meet this need.”

Around 438,000 Minnesotans currently receive SNAP funding.